The Team

We have a great team of people ready to make your stay a pleasant and memorable one! Our team consists of:


Donna has been with us for five years, and she is the gal that prepares the numbers for the accountant. She is a great baker and always brings cookies. She lives on the brighter side of life.



Carolyn started 3 years ago and she is a top notch housekeeper and brings with her a very cheery demeanour.



Sheila is another one of our rock star housekeepers! She brings positive energy to the team and is always ready to help in any way.



Sharon started last year and is returning again this summer. She keeps us organized in the laundry room, where every clean cottage

starts. She also brings her positive personality to work each day!



Michael is another new addition to Lord's Seaside Cottages. He is our trusted handy man and jack of all trades.



Fallon is on maternity leave, and she is taking time to raise her family now. We miss you Fallon!