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A Classic Vacation Pastime - Fishing!
by Lords on 

A Classic Vacation Pastime Ė Fishing!

Nothing quite says vacation like fishing. Whether you are an experienced angler or itís your first time casting a line, here are some links to check out to get you started!

Ben Team has written a wonderful blog on taking your children on their first fishing trip Ė an amazing bonding experience for both parents and kids!

The 2018 PEI Angling Summary includes a lot of great information including what to fish & where!

Of course, you want to make sure that you follow the Islandís rules and regulations which you can research here on the Angling Resources and Information Centre.  

There are a lot of ways to create memories on PEI and fishing the Island shores, rivers and ponds is hobby that you can share with the entire family.

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Cooking Shellfish
by Lords on 
Cooking Shellfish

Our Island offers many unique opportunities and experiences. From a beach in your backyard, finding sand everywhere for 4 months a year and the guarantee of a beautiful salt air breeze, itís a place quite unlike any other! One thing that tops the list for most PEI Islanders is our Seafood!

There are a number of amazing Seafood Restaurants across the Island including Ship to Shore Restaurant,  Blue Mussel Cafe, New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, Windows on the Water and many others! But there is simply nothing like getting out the olí shellfish pot, bringing that straight-from-the-strait salt water to a boil, and cooking your lobster, mussels, bar clams, oysters, quahogs...

There are a number of ways to prepare and serve shellfish. Using fresh salt water directly from the red shores (which are steps away from your cottage).... helps ensure a natural, full flavour taste sensation.  Most shellfish needs to be steamed for different amounts of time until ready to eat.

Of course, there are some exceptions. Scallops, for example, are most often purchased out of shell and are best prepared (if you ask us) fried with butter until the edges are golden brown. And oysters are often eaten raw! For mussels we suggest adding a little garlic and white wine to your water for some great flavour!

Even once your shellfish is cooked, there are options on how you might want to serve up your delicious dishes. A lot of Islanders prefer cooled before being served but that has divided families for generations. Lobster & mussels are often served with melted butter. Bar clams are also often breaded and fried, however they are scrumptious all on their own!

How ever you choose to enjoy your Island seafood,
remember itíll be messy and itíll be delicious!

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PEI Festivals & Events 2018
by Lords on 

PEI Festivals & Events 2018

Prince Edward Island has a plethora of events happening from

May to October from music, theatre, art and

seafood, seafood, seafood!

We have highlighted some of our favourite Island events

but be sure to check out these links for more comprehensive lists:

Festivals PEI and  TourismPEI

The Charlottetown Festival

World renowned & local theatrical productions grace the stage

of the Confederation Centre of the Arts

from June 7th to September 22nd

with something for everyone!

The Summerside Lobster Carnival

The Lobster Carnival brings harness racing, lobster and

the midway together for full family fun! Thereís even a parade!

Running this year from July 12th-14th.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival

A 4-day music festival, July 6th-9th, offering some of

Country Musicís biggest headliners including Luke Bryan,

Shawn Mendes & Dallas Smith!

Attended by Islanders and visitors of all ages

this festival has grown into one of the biggest events of the year!

PEI International Seafood Festival

From September 13th-16th, this Fall Flavours Signature Event

has live Shellfish competitions, cooking demonstrations,

and even some celebrity chefs on site.

At night they host some of the biggest East Coast

kitchen parties with some of Atlantic Canadaís

best known entertainment.

PEI truly has so much to offer.

We know that no matter what you are looking for Ė exciting nights

out, unique local experiences, quiet relaxation Ė you can find it here.

Happy vacationing!

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Travel Tips for your Next Family Vacation
by Lords on 

Travel Tips for your Next Family Vacation

Everyone needs time to get away with their family and relax, but any vacation with a group can be stressful affairs. If you really want to enjoy your vacation and have some quality time with your family, here are a few quick tips to get you started:

● Come up with an itinerary Ė Start out with a destination in mind and a solid idea of how much time you have, and fill in the details from there. Ask yourself: Where are you staying? How are you getting there? What will you get up to? Plan out how youíll spend your time, leaving some room for flexibility.

● Donít exhaust yourself Ė Itís good to have activities planned so that you and your family can do fun things together on your vacation, but be sure you donít over-plan either Ė leave plenty of room for downtime. If the whole point of your vacation is to relax, then make lots of time for that.

● Bring a smartphone Ė With a smartphone, you have a cellphone, a camera, a flashlight, a guidebook, a map, and anything else you might need when youíre traveling, all in one easy-to-carry device. Youíll have less stuff to lug around, youíll be far less likely to get lost, and youíll be able to call for help in an emergency. Just remember to bring a charger!

● Find the right accommodations Ė If you have a family of four or more, fitting all of you together in a hotel room for a week might not be the best choice. If you want a little more space, look into renting a house or a cottage Ė this usually isnít much more expensive than renting a hotel room per night, and you get the added experience of staying at a home away from home.

● Think about your return time Ė It can be hard to adjust to the busy pace of day-to-day life after youíve returned from your restful vacation. Make the transition less difficult by giving yourself a day or two between the end of your vacation and your return to work. No one wants to get home on Sunday night and walk right into work again on Monday morning. This is definitely important if youíre traveling to a different time zone, as youíll need to allow for jet lag.

So next time youíre getting ready for an adventure, put these simple tips into practice. Most importantly, donít forget to have fun!

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PEI Vacation Beach Treasures
by Lords on 

Some Souvenirs to Look for on the Beach

Visitors to our gentle island often like to go beachcombing while theyíre here. They walk up and down the beach at a leisurely pace, looking for little natural treasures to take home as souvenirs. Itís nice to be able to find something in a gift shop that you can take home and set on your mantle as a reminder of your great vacation, but itís even better to scour the ground along the coast and find a unique piece of the Island to take with you.

Seaglass is perhaps one of the most popular souvenirs to search for. Seaglass starts as normal glass from bottles or jars that have shattered and ended up in the ocean. The small pieces of sharp glass are transformed over time into smooth, colourful works of art. The saltwater combines with the movement of the tide to slowly morph them into collectable bits of glass that can be used for jewelry or home decoration. Itís a process that can take years, resulting in a perfect piece of frosted glass sitting in the sand by the water, waiting for you to find it.

Many people also like to collect driftwood from the beach. Again, because of its interaction with the saltwater and the motion of the waves, driftwood becomes smooth and porous over time. After getting washed up on the beach it may dry out in the sun for a while, making the wood very coarse and light. Driftwood can take on many shapes, with some pieces resembling birds or the silhouette of a face. People like to collect these unique pieces and use them as decoration for their garden at home or as material for an art project.

Prince Edward Island has so many natural gifts to offer everyone who visits. Take some time to go beachcombing this summer and find a memory for yourself. If youíre staying at Lordís Seaside Cottages, the beach will only be a stoneís throw away!  

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Prince County Summer Attractions!
by Lords on 

Exciting Attractions in Prince County

There are three counties in Prince Edward Island: Kingís county, Queenís county and Prince County. Lordís Seaside Cottages are located in Prince County, which covers the western portion of Prince Edward Island and includes the city of Summerside, as well as many small rural communities like OíLeary and Tignish. Although this county has a small population and is typically viewed as a very traditional place inhabited mostly by farmers and fishermen, there are some amazing things going on here! If youíre planning a visit, there are lots of great attractions to go out and visit. Hereís a few that might spark your interest:

Moth Lane Brewing Ė Slated to open in June of 2016, Moth Lane Brewing will be PEIís newest microbrewery and the first to open in Prince County. The brewery will be located just outside of Tyne Valley on the northwest shore of the island. This will be a great place to stop in for some taste testing in the summer!

Holman Homestead Ė This historic building in downtown Summerside was scheduled for demolition until a local couple came along and purchased the property with plans to turn it into a new business. The owners are renovating the building to turn it into an old-fashioned general store and ice cream parlour. Their goal is to open for visitors by summer 2016. This would be another worthwhile stop!

The Landmark Cafe - Nestled in the quaint town of Victoria By The Sea, The Landmark Cafe offers a memorable fine dining experience with exquisite seafood dishes and other Island fare. Even if you just want to stop somewhere for a nice cup of coffee, you can sit on the porch outside and see the end of the fishing wharf directly down the street. And the best part? Itís only a few minutes away from Lordís Seaside Cottages!

These are just a few attractions that you could visit in Prince County. As you can see, there are plenty of interesting options to explore if you are planning on vacationing in the area. In a future blog post Iíll share more unique attractions that youíll be able to check out this summer!

Be sure to check back often for more updates and follow us on Facebook!

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Welcome to Our New Blog!
by Lords on 

Let's kick-off our new blog with an introduction to Cape Traverse!

It's is a beautiful and relaxing place to be and we hope you'll come see it for yourself.

An Introduction to Cape Traverse Situated along Prince Edward Islandís beautiful South Shore, Cape Traverse is a quaint community on a small peninsula where the rolling hills of the Islandís farmland meet the distinct red cliffs of its coastline. Cape Traverse is just a short drive from the Confederation Bridge and less than an hour away from Charlottetown and Summerside.

The convenient location and scenic views make the area an obvious vacation destination for tourists from off-island, as well as residents of the Island who are looking for a quick weekend getaway. We are a quick 30 minute drive to Charlottetown, 20 minutes to Summerside, and 10 minutes to Victoria by the Sea.

Originally known as Carleton Head, the area was renamed Cape Traverse in 1925, with the name being officially adopted in 1944. Itís an area rich in history―in the 19th and early 20th centuries, a small winter ice boat ran back and forth across the Abegweit Passage between Cape Tormentine, N.B. and Cape Traverse, P.E.I, ferrying people and goods on and off the Island. Because of the location of the ferry, the Prince Edward Island Railway built a line from Emerald Junction directly to the Cape Traverse wharf. The railway and ferry no longer exist, but at one time these vital means of transportation made Cape Traverse a key access point to the Island.

Standing on the shoreline of Cape Traverse on a clear day, you can watch fishing boats glide by on the deep blue waters of the Northumberland Strait. The Confederation Bridge can be seen in great detail, and at night the lights along the top of the bridge create a stunning silhouette across the water. One of the most amazing sights from this vantage point is when an impossibly large cruise ship sails down the strait and passes under the largest arch of the bridge, coming within inches of touching it.

Prince Edward Island has an abundance of beautiful vacation spots, but Cape Traverse is definitely one that you shouldnít overlook. Book your vacation now! We'll be updating our new blog all the time, so check back soon and be sure to follow us on Facebook!

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